Start the Engine that Drives Your Revenue...

The brains of your advertising operations

Ad Engine is an advanced ad operations assistant that interacts with your Google Ad Manager account via API. We’ve taken all of the knowledge and skills from a high-level digital ad operations team and combined it with an enterprise-class ad stack. Over 70% of publishers do not have someone to fill this role, let alone an entire ad operations team. Without this role filled, they will always be scrambling to keep up with the latest technology trends and missing out on significant revenue.

The result is an average increase in revenue of 163% for our publishing partners within the first 30 days. Some have even seen a 400% increase in revenue after 90 days.

Highlights of Ad Engine

Faster Page Loads

Server-to-Server header bidding with full malware protection to lighten your page load

Secure Data

Full GDPR and CCPA compliance with a minimal CMP, keeping your audiences’ data safe

Advanced Strategies

Multi-size bidding so every impression is competing for the most available dollars

Robust Reporting

Fully transparent reporting down to the ad unit and ad partner level

More Features

Lazy Loading

Lazy loading ad units to improve user experience and ad viewability

Cutting Edge Technology

Parallel Amazon and Prebid auctions with full Google Adx dynamic allocation competition

Keep Your Ad Partners

You can keep using your own ad partners. We also work with Google, Amazon, AppNexus, Verizon Media and over 20 additional companies if you need some help

Format Competition

Display ads competing with Native ads in one auction for every impression

Beat Ad Blockers

Built-in ad-block beating technology for your entire ad stack

Hosted Ads.txt

Hosted ads.txt management so there’s no need to update it when we test new ad partners

Varied Unit Options

Standard display, video, native and 10 rich media formats that are fully supported by all of your ad partners

Our Clients

The Details


You have over 500k unique visitors or 1M page views per month

No Setup Fee

$0 in upfront costs

Revenue Guarantee

You pay us nothing until your revenue has increased

Apply for Beta

We'll review your website and follow-up within 24 hours.


You’ve got questions... We’ve got answers.

What exactly is this?

Ad Engine is a proprietary plugin for Google Ad Manager that makes managing and scaling your revenue easier than ever.  With over 20 years combined experience in content monetization and over 100 publishers helped so far… our team is pretty-darn-proud to be able to start helping more people grow their business

How does it work?

Once we get you set up with Ad Engine… our team of traffic and data experts analyze your metrics to MAXIMIZE revenue and minimize frustration.  From there we fine-tune your revenue streams, and make sure everything is running “tip-top”.  You'll constantly be up to date with the latest technologies and maintain full transparency into your revenue.


The typical Ad Engine Client should expect to increase their revenue 2-4X over the first 90 days!  That’s the power of an intelligent ad server backed by a team of revenue experts.