The Ad Engine is a fully-featured revenue platform that's integrated into YOUR Google Ad Manager Account. - Giving you the freedom and the data you need to maximize your revenue, more easily and more quickly. Expect all the latest features and technologies: Header Bidding, Lazy Loading, Ad Refreshing, Malware Monitoring, Complete Reporting, and Ad-Block Revenue Recovery. No more switching between ad partners because of low performance...or spending extra on development. With The Ad Engine, you have full-visibility and KNOW how each of your partners is performing, in real time.


Gone are the days of relying only on third-party ad networks to generate YOUR revenue!
The Ad Shop fluidly connects Publishers and Advertisers, so it’s easier to put the right ads in front of the right audience.

A captive and interested audience is the key to more clicks, better sales, and higher revenue. - The Ad Shop is a tool that helps publishers and advertisers maximize this often-overlooked and highly-effective way to boost your bottom line.

Customer Reviews

The Ad Shop has been a great partner. They helped us optimize our ad stack top-to-bottom while maintaining a high-quality experience for our users and top performance and speed for our website and apps. We've seen our ad yield grow in ways we couldn't have managed on our own. Highly recommended.


Working with The Ad Shop has been a great experience - they've increased our monthly ad revenue and have been very professional in helping us navigate any ad related issues or optimizations


The Ad Shop team has been fantastic. We are a smaller community, but they’ve grown our revenue to the point where we’ve been able to expand for the first time in years. They brought big-time tools to a small-time operation


We have a small subscription-base that allows us to maintain our site and community. We had experimented with advertising in the past but didn’t have a grasp on what we were doing and the process was time-consuming. We started working with The Ad Shop to manage our ad strategy and they helped us realize profits we didn’t know existed. We now make 5x the revenue from ads that we do from subscriptions


The Ad Shop has been an invaluable partner who has been able to repeatedly buck the trends and produce superior revenue growth. In the 12 months prior to working with Ad Shop we tried 3 of the major header bidding companies that all produced the same results.  Within 90 days of joining Ad Shop our revenue had grown 300%, drastically changing our business.

— GlobalRPH

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